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FS Contest winner: trivia title

We asked you to find the answer to some little-known facts about the human body. Many people were very close or right on for most of the questions. Only one, however, got all the answers right (or near enough). Our winner, Dave W. from Portland, Oregon, will receive a $200 gas card.

FS Contest winner: trivia gas card

Thanks for humoring us and looking under rocks for the answers. (We know some were a bit hard to find.)

Here they are:

How many facial muscles does it take to smile? Most everyone got this answer correct. It takes 20 facial muscles to smile, and 43 to frown, proving that, in at least one way, it takes less effort to smile.

How fast does a sneeze travel? Here's another answer just about everyone got right: 100 mph (give or take). Here's the real question, though: Is it fuel efficient?

How many hairs are inside your inner ear? The stumper. While many people said there are "no" hairs or just "hair cells" in the inner ear, there are actually 2 million tiny hairs (called "sterocilia") in your inner ear.

How far can your heart shoot blood? Another stumper for some. The answer? The strong contraction of your heart makes enough pressure to squirt your blood as far as 30 feet.

How full would a gallon jug be if you poured all of your internal bacteria into it? This one had some interesting answers (many of you are either germ phobes or over-estimating how much these little suckers hang around inside us).

And the answer is...half full!

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