Menopause Assessment


Why You Should Take This Assessment

Menopause marks the end of your reproductive years as a woman. It is the point when menstruation stops for good. For most women, this doesn't happen overnight. Perimenopause occurs when your ovaries stop producing eggs, your body produces less estrogen and progesterone, and your periods occur less often, finally stopping for good. Typically, this phase lasts about 7 years, but can go on as long as 14 years. In some women, during perimenopause, estrogen levels may have higher peaks and lower troughs than previously. You may find these changes unsettling and symptomatic. If they occur, please discuss them and their treatment with your health care provider.

Uterus and Ovaries.

Most women will spend nearly 40% of their lives postmenopausal. Given these statistics, the symptoms and health risks that come with menopause will have an impact on your life.

The menopause assessment is designed to help you determine if you are menopausal or perimenopausal. If you are in either of these stages, this assessment will offer tips on how to handle your symptoms and reduce any related health risks.

How Much Time This Assessment Will Take

5 minutes

What You'll Get at the End of the Assessment

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