This assessment gives you a series of health-related questions (for example, your weight, age, or eating habits). When you use this assessment, an anonymous, numeric user ID is stored in a “persistent cookie” on your computer. This anonymous numeric ID links your computer’s browser to Health Risk Assessment (HRA) data stored in a secure database. This stored data allows you to retain your previously entered answers. Upon returning to the assessment, this data allows you to click through to the results page without answering the questions again. Also, when you take additional health risk assessments, your answers will be pre-populated for any questions that both assessments have in common. If you change your answer to a question, only the most recent answer is stored.

If anyone else were to use this computer using your user profile and take the same HRA with this web browser, they would see those answers already populated.

It is recommended that you delete the cookie from your browser. Deleting the cookie will remove the anonymous numeric ID from the machine, severing the connection between the browser and the data stored in the secure database. To delete the cookie, see your web browser’s Help section. To delete the cookie in Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options/General/Delete Cookies. If you are using a corporate machine, this function may be disabled.

A.D.A.M. is firmly committed to respecting the privacy of individuals. Any data gathered by this assessment is hosted on secure servers behind firewalls and on computer systems with limited, secure access. The data is protected from misappropriation and misuse. A.D.A.M. does not store any personally identifiable information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI) with this health data. Therefore, A.D.A.M. cannot associate any information collected in this assessment to any individual end-user. Since A.D.A.M. cannot identify an individual end-user entering information into an HRA, or identify the user from the data itself, the data is not considered personal health information.

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