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Featured Story

Ah, the whiteboard. Reusable surface for conference room planning, workflow charts, brainstorm sessions, and... well... whiteboard art. Yes, the doodlers and scribblers deserve their place in the organizational structure, too. In honor of whiteboard artists everywhere, we give you the first installment of an occasional tribute to this growing art form (at least according to the number of Flickr hits we get for 'whiteboard art').

First up, here's a cool image: Lunchtime inspiration. Paul Afong, Jr., of Minneapolis, drew this little guy during lunch one day. Check out more of Paul's art at www.junkykid.com.

Whiteboard Art

Editor's Note: We want to see your whiteboard art, too. Send photos of your drawings to featuredstories@adamcorp.com . If we like what we see, we'll publish your work in our next installment of Whiteboard Art of the Month.