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Podcasts are a great way to learn about health topics that interest you. They are engaging, informative, and best of all you can listen to them on your commute or while exercising. Our editors have scoured the web to find the best health-related podcasts. We invite you to check them out. Maybe one will give you that extra edge to get active, lose weight, or manage a condition. If you don't know anything about podcasts, read the general description at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that all of the podcasts below are independently produced. Their content is constantly changing, and individual shows are neither reviewed nor approved by the providers of this portal. Please use your personal judgment when deciding whether to visit a site or listen to a particular topic. Now, have fun and strive for health!

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Featured Podcast Weight Loss  Fitness  
Nutrition Diva

Monica Reinagel gives you quick and dirty tips on eating well and feeling fabulous. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your food and what it does for your body.
itunes YOGAmazing 

Download free workout music mixes. Push yourself to the sound of Frenzy. Groove to Sonic Monkey. Get your motor running to PowerTrain.

 Bring peace and joy to your life. Experience the serenity of the soft, relaxing voice of Chaz, in this weekly video lifestyle podcast, as you enter the world of yoga. 
www itunes 

Nutrition Motivation & Success 
Stress Relief   
Detox Your DayDetox Your Day

Reduce your stress and 'detox your day' with a high-def video of soothing landscapes set to a calming classical music soundtrack.

Dr. Susan Mitchell LearnLoud 
Dr. Susan MitchellPersonal Growth Pod.
In this entertaining podcast, a nutrition expert shows you the good side of beef, how food can help you overcome fatigue, and what lurks in your office and your kitchen sponge. 

Learn how to reach your goals, improve your relations, increase your creativity, and more.


What's a Podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio recording in a digital format, usually .mp3, that can be downloaded and listened to from any MP3 player. Podcasts can be played on iTunes, Windows Media Player, iPod, and a variety of other players. You can download specific shows, or subscribe to the podcast and get all of its shows as they are produced and released.

Podcasts often consist of interviews or discussions about a particular topic or interest that people have. Many radio shows make their programs available as a podcast. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever you wish, unrestricted by radio programming schedules. You can rewind, fast-forward, and delete the shows. Most podcasts are free.